Blow Up on Murder

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Photojournalist Britt Johansson has returned to Spirit Lake, Minnesota, to heal from stress and anxiety after covering an explosion in a Nigerian marketplace, her recent assignment for the LA Times. But when a bomb at the nearby college kills one student and badly injures a young woman who means a lot to the Spirit Lake community, Britt is tested to find out if she can overcome her nightmares, find the killer and save more lives…including her own.

Praise for Blow Up on Murder

“Britt Johansson is a character that will engage your attention from page one. Blow Up on Murder is suspenseful with compelling plots and subplots that will hold you hostage until you reach the gripping end. Ms. Townsdin has done it again. This is a must read if you love a good mystery.” – R. Franklin James, author of the Hollis Morgan Mystery series

“The beautiful, yet somehow austere countryside can lull you into false security—then hammer you with a deadly surprise, especially if you’re Britt Johansson, a risk-taking war photographer, back from overseas, but not separated from her haunting memories of death.  She takes off on a mission to uncover the truth and….I’ll leave it at that. Townsdin leads you into places and circumstances you’ll only guess at until the end.” – Mark S. Bacon, author of the Nostalgia City Mystery series

“If you haven’t been reading Linda Townsdin’s Spirit Lake Mystery Series, you’re missing out on great visual storytelling, smart, complex plots, compelling characters and well-conceived murder/mystery suspense with independent-minded photojournalist, Britt Johansson and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ben. She becomes embroiled in an explosion at the local college where a close friend is seriously injured. Britt fights her own PTSD from covering a previous story in Nigeria, but is determined to hold herself together until she finds the perpetrator of the crime.” – Sherry Joyce, author of The Dordogne Deception and Dangerous Duplicity

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