Longshot on Murder

Longshot on Murder, murder mystery, mystery novel, fiction, Linda Townsdin, Spirit Lake Mystery series, Spirit Lake Mystery

When a homicide with ties to a 20-year-old casino burglary and murder rocks the Spirit Lake reservation, photojournalist Britt Johansson does whatever it takes to get her story—and justice for the wrongly accused.

Drawn into the crosshairs of a vengeful gang, the cards are stacked against her. The FBI, tribal police, and even the man she loves warn her away. On her own, Britt has to beat the odds and expose the elusive gang leader, who won’t stop his vicious attacks unless she backs off.

And Britt never backs off.

Praise for Longshot on Murder

Linda Townsdin delivers a tightly written, suspenseful mystery with characters you care about. The headstrong heroine of Longshot on Murder is impelled by loyalty to her friends and her profession that won’t rest until truth is exposed, no matter how long-hidden or how dire the personal consequences. This book left me wanting more! – Catherine McGreevy, Author

Longshot on Murder is a mesmerizing action story that reveals one woman’s inner demons held at bay while she kicks some serious bad guy butt against the backdrop of gorgeous backcountry life, a tough but tender love story and the kind of unvarnished insight and introspection that puts the act in action! –T.T. Thomas, Author


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