Practicing Postcard Fiction

My post today is about practicing a new form of writing. New for me, that is. Postcard Fiction. Last week someone liked my post so I clicked on her icon. That led me to this wonderful blog:

I loved the combination of photos and fifty-word parameter for each story and wanted to try it. Hope you like it and if you have similar sites to recommend, please do!

Filling the Well

A crescent, an arc of landscape cradling an ocean, holds her.                                Waves entice her toes, grateful for the lick.                                                                         A crescent, an arc of landscape, a lick, and what was empty overflows.

5 thoughts on “Practicing Postcard Fiction

  1. Wow. I want to thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog. You are indeed a quick learner. The photo and your words are beautiful. You ended the story on such a strong sentiment, “and what was empty overflows” it just says so much. Great work.

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