Blissed Out over Books

The Left Coast Crime (LLC) writer’s conference is over. I’m back to my daily life, sitting at my laptop with my old dog wheezing on the rug next to me and my nearly toothless cat curled up on a chair. I’m surrounded by books and piles of papers that I never manage to tame. My quiet world.

Over the years, I’ve attended many conferences, symposiums, workshops and training events wearing my corporate editor/writer/communications hat. I worked hard, learned a lot, but was more than ready to return to my daily life when it was over.

Something strange happened this time.

After four intense days and evenings of workshops, panels, volunteering and socializing at LLC, I was overwhelmed, overstimulated and exhausted from navigating through 600-plus attendees. And I dreaded it ending.

I was blissed out at all those mystery writers, fans, librarians and experts in the publishing world gathered in one place—all those beginning, mid-career and seasoned writers encouraging each other, sharing how they got started and what to do and not do, what success is like, and helping us to understand all the changes happening in the industry.

A love fest

It was a gathering of people who love books. They love books so much they feel compelled to write them. It was about fans who love books so much they want to celebrate their favorite authors and learn about new ones. Why would anyone want that to end?

9 thoughts on “Blissed Out over Books

  1. Hi Linda. Thanks for the post. You totally nailed the spirit of Left Coast Crime. Whether you’re a published writer or not, we are all fans of the mystery genre. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from each other. People mingle with old friends and make new ones. Robin and I were honored to chair this convention. The smiles on every face were the true reward.

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