Postcard Fiction #5


Over the years, she willy-nilly tossed seeds, plants and bulbs into pots and flower beds.

Each spring she felt a thrill of anticipation followed by surprise and delight.

She more or less lived her entire life that way, even when the elements delivered a sucker-punch.

Photo by Artistry by Adele

8 thoughts on “Postcard Fiction #5

  1. You’ve got a way with this postcard fiction — love it! And I’m with Janet on the use of the word “elements.” Very cool. (And Amanda’s photo is gorgeous and a great fit.)

  2. Nice work, Linda! It’s the kind of story that goes beyond the physically obvious (seeds, bulbs, etc.) and makes me ponder what may have happened (or may being happening) to her in life. I like how you captured transition of time in such few words. Great!

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