Thankful for Notebooks

I’m thankful for just about everything: family, friends, pets, and all the material items that make my life pleasant.

In addition, I’m thankful for notebooks, journals, tablets, sketchbooks of any size, with lines, graphs, or blank. As a lefty, I generally write diagonally across a page, sometimes starting from the back and working to the front, sometimes going upside down or in spirals. I scribble and doodle and make messes all over the page and can barely read what I’ve written. They’re like sand sculptures, precious only in the moment.

A direct link to my heart

Some notebooks are my friends, some are my shrinks, some hold my stories and others tell me their stories. Always, they are my companions. I don’t get out of bed in the morning without writing in one. They tell me how I feel and how to design my day. I keep them in my car, bag, pockets, and other places too. When life gets confused or chaotic, I head to the notebook. It reflects my spirit and reveals my truth.

Who wouldn’t be thankful that so much joy could come from something so simple?

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