Motivation and Magic

I keep a notebook of spiritual and motivational advice that helps me navigate this life with as much grace and dignity as possible. I need it because I often fail at the grace and dignity part. I get lost.  It used to embarrass me that I needed a prop to find relief from negative thinking. What if I was a self-help-aholic?

That changed when I read an interview with the Dalai Lama a number of years ago.  He said he has to manage his motivation every day. Reading that interview was a gift. No wonder it was so difficult for me to stay positive and respond to life’s challenges with grace and dignity, even the Dalai Lama had to work on it.

Each morning I page through my ring binder to “manage my motivation” before starting the day. It’s filled with affirmations and advice from wonderful authors, and religious and spiritual leaders across all faiths. It opens my mind and heart. Magic happens. The alchemy of the day transforms from fearful to fabulous.

How do you manage your motivation?

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8 thoughts on “Motivation and Magic

  1. I do Morning Pages (The Artist’s Way)…some mornings better than others but they always “spark” something.

    • I hadn’t thought of checking Twitter, but now I will. I need to make better use of my Twitter account. I’m pretty lax about posting. Thanks for commenting, Dennis!

  2. Procrastination, rather than motivation, seems to be my problem although that sounds conflicting. Although I will want to do something, the self-doubt kicks in and I put it off, but I am always mulling it over anyway. I find that the artists and writers I admire motivate me. They set a high bar for themselves and I follow their lead.

  3. When I see anything that reminds me I’m a writer (like a new review of House of Cuts on Amazon or a check in the mail from Audible 8:) it sparks me to take my next writing steps. Used to do Morning Pages, but bookshelves got too crammed with those begging me to go back and “mine” them, sometimes instead of taking up what I’m working on at present, if that makes sense. Good topic, Linda *:)

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