Going Live!

mystery, novel, fiction, self-published, self-publishing, Linda TownsdinI’m pleased to announce that Focused on Murder—A Spirit Lake Mystery is now available on Amazon. For more info about the book, check out my Books page.

“Britt Johansson, a kickass photojournalist with a big heart and bad social skills follows a coed’s murder to the wilds of the US/Canadian border and lands in the crosshairs of an international crime ring…
Only this time she’s in way over her head.”

It Takes a Community

As in most new ventures in life, each step in the self-publishing process that seemed so daunting in the beginning has turned out to be not nearly as difficult as I imagined. That’s probably thanks to my supportive friends, who have offered advice and even sat next to me at my laptop encouraging me to push that button and go live. I am grateful for their help.

Now that my debut novel is out there, I hope you will read it and if you like it, post your review on Amazon.

In my next posts, I intend to share some of what I’ve learned about how the self-publishing process is working for me, such as:
• Tricks I’ve used to tame the fear and keep everything in perspective
• Tips on how to use the CreateSpace site
• Reminders to tackle everything at your own pace
• How to know the difference between resistance and the importance of doing what feels comfortable to you

Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Going Live!

  1. First let me say, It’s nice to see you out there. I seems like it’s been a while. Second, I’ve been reading a mystery based in the Iron -Range on MN and Northern MN is a great setting for any novel and mysteries in particular. I’ll be looking for your book and looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  2. Hi Dennis, I know it’s been a long time. The publishing part of this process has been a real learning curve. I have a Books page on my blog that has the Amazon url if you want to look at it. What’s the title of the MN book you’re reading? Great to hear from you!

    • Thanks, Shelley! If you go to my blog site, it shows up on the books page. Something is wrong with this post page. You should be able to click a photo of the book and have it link to Amazon.

  3. Congratulations! I just got the Kindle app for my iPad and downloaded your book! Can’t wait to read it again. It’s such a terrific story. And you’ve been an inspiration to me each step of your process.

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