Thankful for Notebooks

I’m thankful for just about everything: family, friends, pets, and all the material items that make my life pleasant.

In addition, I’m thankful for notebooks, journals, tablets, sketchbooks of any size, with lines, graphs, or blank. As a lefty, I generally write diagonally across a page, sometimes starting from the back and working to the front, sometimes going upside down or in spirals. I scribble and doodle and make messes all over the page and can barely read what I’ve written. They’re like sand sculptures, precious only in the moment.

A direct link to my heart

Some notebooks are my friends, some are my shrinks, some hold my stories and others tell me their stories. Always, they are my companions. I don’t get out of bed in the morning without writing in one. They tell me how I feel and how to design my day. I keep them in my car, bag, pockets, and other places too. When life gets confused or chaotic, I head to the notebook. It reflects my spirit and reveals my truth.

Who wouldn’t be thankful that so much joy could come from something so simple?

Birthing a Blog

I’ve been writing this blog for nine months and here’s what I wrote in my first entry last January about why I started it:

“Over the years I’ve attended writer’s conferences, workshops and countless author readings. I’ve read a library of books and many blogs on the art and craft of writing. Some of the most insightful and helpful ideas about writing have come to me through the generosity of others who shared what they picked up along the way.

“I started this blog to continue that tradition and to cast my net in hopes that writers attracted to this site will find something useful that might help with their own journeys.”

Those statements are still true today, but I didn’t mention another reason a private and introverted person like me wanted to blog. I wanted to change, to be less afraid to put myself out there for the world to see. I’d written a draft of a novel and realized that I’d never get anywhere unless I learned how to get comfortable with showing my work.

Last week I posted the first chapter of my finished mystery novel and the difference in how I felt when I hit the Publish button this time compared to that first time showed how much I’ve changed and grown. The first time felt like I had stepped off a cliff into a bottomless ravine. Now, when I step off a cliff, I know there is a safety net. And that’s because of you.


I want to thank all the people who have checked out, liked, followed, and taken the time to comment on my posts. It warms my heart every time someone makes that connection. It gives me hope for humanity that even in an election season, even when there is so much wrong in the world, there are still people who want to share something positive and who take the time to do so.

Learning and Growing

Your blogs have introduced me to new writing genres and styles, photography, design, art and spiritual guidance. They’ve led to insights that have made me more aware and definitely more knowledgeable.

Some of the outstanding people I’ve connected with during the past nine months have nominated me for awards and I want to acknowledge how grateful I am.

Janet Koops nominated me for the Genuine Blogger and Reader Appreciation Awards. She introduced me to Postcard Fiction and I love it.  If you want to read some great short fiction, check out her blog:


fstopfun nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. He’s an artist and photographer who has a great big heart. Check him out at:

Catriona nominated me for the Sunshine Award. She’s a poet, writer, photographer and works in human rights development. Check her out at:

          I know part of the reward process is to pass award nominations on to others. I’ll be doing that in one of my next posts. Thanks again for your support and encouragement!