Lesson Learned

This morning I didn’t want to get up for my 5 a.m. fitness session. I whined to myself about sore knees and arms and my favorite excuse, “I’m not young; I need extra time to recover from strenuous workouts.”

I’d signed up for three sessions a week and hadn’t missed any so I decided to show up. But I wouldn’t give it 100%.

Once I was surrounded by a roomful of motivated women and a white board filled with sit ups, pull ups, pushups, squats, etc., to complete, I forgot about the aches and got down to business.

Sixty minutes later on the drive home, I felt satisfied that I’d given my all and was proud of the progress I’ve made since beginning the workouts a few months ago. Every muscle in my body has gotten stronger and that means I can do more of everything I love. I have more energy throughout the day and I’m healthier. A huge payoff.

What does this have to do with writing? I thought, why not give my writing activities the same effort and commitment? Why not push it farther than I thought I could go? And, most importantly, why not do it without all the whining?

Lesson learned?

Sometimes you can surprise yourself by just showing up. Something extra might kick in and you’ll end up giving 100%.

Doing push ups in Half Moon Bay, CA

Doing push ups in Half Moon Bay, CA

20 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Great message! I don’t think we push ourselves enough. With a little nudge now and then and we all might get more accomplished. I think I’ll open the Rosetta Spanish box today 🙂

  2. I might be on the younger end of the scale, but I still whine to myself that I don’t have time to complete my workouts because I could be studying instead. Once I get my butt to the gym, it’s all fine – the struggle, like you say, is dragging yourself out and about. Good luck! Glad to see it’s worth it!

    • Hi Jennifer, Good luck on your writing projects. I tried commenting on your piece about your novel, but couldn’t find a comment box. It’s so true, there are so many ways we can be distracted, by huge life events and small details, but the key is to always get back to the writing whenever we can.

      • Thank you. I’m beginning to get into a good momentum recently, which is encouraging for a procrastinator like me. No more excuses! That is my new motto.
        (Of course, I went looking for the comment box, and it is there, you have to scroll down quite a bit to find it. :))

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