High Concept vs. Heart

It’s the first day of spring and almost Easter, flowers are blooming and leaves are sprouting on bushes. Lots of resurrection going on.

And yet I’m acutely aware that we experience a pretty big chunk of loss in a lifetime and it can happen in any season. The older you get, the more loss you experience. Loved ones die, and there are the other losses; the loss of a job, an opportunity, or maybe even a dream.

In my case, an adored child moved far away. My sadness is tempered with pride and joy as she embarks on an exciting new venture.

Time to Regroup

I set out to find relief and that’s always been through writing. However, at the moment I’ve been concentrating on getting what I’ve written published. I’ve sent my manuscript to agents, but learned that the way to attract an agent is to write a high-concept novel that starts with a bang. My goal was never about tricking an agent into looking at my novel.

I wanted to engage a reader’s heart.

I finally made up my mind the best way to do that was to cut out the middleman and go directly to the source. Now I’m working with a cover artist and will soon self-publish.

Ah, resurrection.

Oh, and I’ve already booked a flight to visit my daughter.


16 thoughts on “High Concept vs. Heart

    • Hi June! High concept isn’t a bad thing. It’s geared toward flashy plots that can be summed up in a sentence. I think the term originated with pitching screenplays.

  1. So nice to see your writing again (its been awhile). It looks to me like loss is just a temporary state. Good luck with your novel Linda… exactly what you are saying here is why I enjoy the independent nature of the blog world. I love the directness of it and the relationship with readers versus publishers (easier no doubt for a poet than novelist).

    All the best,

  2. Hi Chris! True, I’ve been distracted lately with all the change and it feels good to get back to my writing routine. I really enjoy your poems. I grew up in northern Minnesota and your nature and weather images are touchstones for me.

    • Yes! Everything’s a risk. But it will definitely be overlooked if I wait forever for an agent to take an interest. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your writing!

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